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The Xperia X10 – First Thoughts
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As part of the bloggers sharing initiative, me and Chippy have swapped smartphones for a week. He has my HTC Desire and I have his Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

The device arrived yesterday and although I didn’t have much time to properly test the device I got it configured into a usable manner.

My first thoughts are;

1) The screen is big and beautiful although the auto brightness sensor sometimes leaves the display looking dull.

2) The feel of the device is solid, its lighter than the Desire but this does leave it feeling not as robust.

3) Android 1.6 is lacking, I first noticed this with the lack of native exchange support. A third party application is offered on the device but its not as integrated as native support.

4) Camera is very good in light situations although pretty poor in low light.

5) The on screen keyboard is awful, it misses key presses even though the haptic feedback registers a press and certain keys require a long press, specifically keys towards the edge of the screen.

6) The browser is excellent as I would expect with Android coupled with a 1Ghz processor.

7) Battery life is on par with the Desire which considering my usage habits is pretty good.

I will post more thoughts as I use the device which will lead up to a short review. Don’t forget to check out Chippys coverage of the Desire over at Carrypad.

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