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Acer 1825 PT, 11.6″ Convertible
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I’ve been looking for a while for a replacement to my aging Asus EEE 1000H. Don’t get me wrong its been a great workhorse and I have grown attached to it. When I purchased it two years ago, I was looking for a lightweight companion device to take with me and use for simple ‘low resource’ tasks. I never expected that it would become my main device and that I would go about doing pretty much everything on it.

So for my new device, I needed a half way house between the fantastic HP 2710P (fantastically expensive also) and my trusty 1000H. I originally had my eye on the 1820 PTZ, a ULV Intel based device with 3GB of RAM and multi touch display but that model never arrived in the UK. Then Acer announced the 1825 PT and PTZ and what seems like an  age ice later it finally arrived.


I’ve put the money upfront for the Acer but I have got the option to return if I’m not happy. A couple of weeks living with the device and I will make a decision if its a keeper. So far I’m fairly impressed, its snappy in general operation and the touch experience is positive.

Keep your eyes out here and for more.

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