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Decision Making
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It’s been far too long since I last posted and that is something I wish to change drastically over the coming months. I’m a full time business support consultant for a small firm in the Midlands, UK. My job role entails a wide range of information technology (I.T) roles, from architect of new networks all the way through to physically deploying new infrastructure.

I had never intended to be in the I.T industry, I originally trained as a structural engineer but seemed to slip into a support role for a company I was working for at the time, this snowballed into a full time career of nearly a decade.

I would be a liar if I said I didn’t enjoy my job, I get exposed to vast amounts of technology which as you should know is one of my passions. I also get to meet and work with some incredible people, as a self confessed socialite this is a great position to be in. What I don’t enjoy about the job is the stress involved when dealing with multi-million pound companies, there is a level of pressure which I have put up with over the last five years that has become increasingly tiresome. The invasion of work on my personal life has been deep set too and although not always necessarily in the number of hours worked, is often more about my mentally exhausted state at the end of a day.

One of my other passions is writing and the sole reason I started GuyOnTechnology, a method for me to make my ideas and opinions available to an audience. It was never intended as a revenue generating opportunity, more an outlet for my enthusiasm for technology. I like to think I have come a long way with writing, when I look back at the early days of this site, its apparent I started as a complete novice but have evolved over time into a more experienced writer. This experience has become apparent to a number of parties, who have asked me to write for a fee web and printed content.

So where am I heading with this post?

Recent events in my life have made me realise that I’m at a point where I can no longer do both to the capacity I would prefer and so its time to make a decision on which career path I continue down. The stability that my career in I.T has provided has been invaluable but also acts as a method of keeping me in the industry, where as my relatively short writing career has vast opportunities in the near and distant future. My initial thoughts are to slowly decrease my I.T role as I gradually increase the articles I do and forge a solid career in writing.

Have you been in a similar situation? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Mark says:

    I understand the situation you are in, I myself always wanted to be a police officer but through one thing and another I ended up in the aerospace industry LOL a big difference I admit. There have been many times over my 14 years in aerospace that I have found to be very trying indeed but none Moore than my current position dealing with the supply and conformance of newly developed aerospace technology to one of the worlds top aircraft manufactures.
    The work load is massive, constant and very time consuming. Everyday you finish your mentally exhausted and unwilling to do anything when you get home, also I find it makes me very snappy and this is due to the stress. There is no real key to dealing with this stress but mine I feel doesn’t come directly from the daily barrage of tasks to complete because you just need to write everything down and carry out one thing at a time, then every task gets your full attention. This is where the real stress hits because I always have to remember that if a task during the day doesn’t get my full attention how will that effect the 200 or so people sat on that aircraft at 35’000 feet? This is always the realism of my job and I can speak from the heart aswell as anyone else in the aerospace industry, that as soon as you hear that a plane has crashed you almost hold your breath because that aircraft could have something you have worked on within or on it.
    It’s with this that over the years I’ve considered other jobs, positions and careers but I have come to one final conclusion – If I didn’t do this job to the best of my ability everyday to the high standards in which are required would I trust anyone else to do it? I believe that the stress of the position I hold is part of the job, sometimes it nearly breaks you and many of my friends have jumped ship to carry out different jobs/careers but all of them have always told me that none have been as quietly rewarding as the aerospace industry and this is where you can kill the stress dead because I am so proud of what I do and its that sense of feeling that keeps me going because that’s what my heart believes is the right thing to do.

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