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Mountain Lion Install


A few days ago I finally managed to get Apples latest version of OSX, Mountain Lion installed. It went without a hitch, took roughly twenty minutes and here are my observations so far:

1) Parallels was broken on first boot, there is an update available to fix it but it didn’t work for me. I had to remove the version I had installed and download the updated version from the web, this worked without a hitch although was a nusence.
2) Dropbox no longer has any UI integration so getting links for shared files requires a visit to the dropbox website, I expect this to be resolved soon with an update.
3) My late 2010 Macbook Air finally wakes quickly and everytime from sleep, although that saved waiting time is then wasted on a login box which seems unresponsive for five seconds.

With regard to new features, I’ve not seen or used any of them yet! I hope to spend some time investigating further in the coming weeks.

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