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Don’t get me wrong, I love the iPhones slick interface and what is has done for the industry. Apples little baby has shown others how it should be done and that will only spur others to work harder, but… I really am sick of hearing and reading about it. So for those of you in […]

Vista since its release has taken some fairly large criticisms for some pretty high profile places and people, in certain cases for good reason. Well some of you may or may not heard (if not where have you been?) that Apple have released their new operating system; Leopard. Since it hit our shelves I have been reading the reviews and news […]

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There have been a lot of bashings recently with the regard to mobile broadband operators using the word “Unlimited” Ars Technica reported yesterday that Verizon, an American EV-DO provider have been ordered by the New York state to pay the sum of $1,000,000 dollars to 130,000 customers that used too much ‘unlimited’ data over the Verizon […]

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It’s a rarity these days that me and the wife get a couple of hours to sit down together and try and catch up on our favorite TV shows but last night we had some time and decided to watch Heroes. I have recorded the episode’s using my MSI Digivox II digital TV capture card […]

On Friday I decided to purchase a webcam because during my computer using life I have never owned one and now I’m making more and more Skype calls I thought its about time. So I popped over to my wife’s shop Megatech Computers and picked up a MSI StarCam Clip. Its a neat little 1.3 […]

Im at the gym after a pretty intensive workout and Ive got 30 mins while waiting for the wife so I thought I would give you an update on the mobile blogging situation… The news is, there isn’t any. Still no offline blogging software for Windows Mobile that works with, hence the distinct lack […]

For a fair while now I have wanted to upgrade the disk subsystem on our main server. It was running a RAID 1 (mirrored) setup and for extra performance but still with redundancy I thought four new hard drives and RAID 5 would be perfect. So this weekend arrived and electrical work at our head […]

Firstly apologies to those who follow my blog, I have been really busy with work recently and not really had the time (or the tools) to blog. I’ve been searching recently for a mobile blogging client for my new v1415 Windows Mobile smartphone. You may think it would be easy but it is not and […]

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Is it just me or is the point of RSS feeds to bring information from different sources into one place for easy consumption? Well if that’s the case, then why are more and more RSS feeds only supplying us with a sentence or two then requiring that we visit the website in order to get […]