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I’m going to do some more twitter style micro-posts to keep the content flowing on GAoT, its been far too long. Its also nice to reevaluate the WordPress for Android app, its a far cry from the last time I used it and on the surface seems more polished and mature. I tapped this out […]


As you can see things are a little different round here. The old theme was dated and I fancied an overhaul with something a little more creative. After much deliberation, tweaking, changing, adjusting and testing I think I’m happy with the overall look and feel. I’m pretty sure it will deliver a ‘marmite’ style reaction […]


It’s been far too long since I last posted and that is something I wish to change drastically over the coming months. I’m a full time business support consultant for a small firm in the Midlands, UK. My job role entails a wide range of information technology (I.T) roles, from architect of new networks all […]


This is an ink post from the Acer 1825 PT using a Pogo Sketech capacitive stylus. Video coming later.


I have previously mentioned that me and Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine are swapping phones for a week, he currently has my HTC Desire and I’m expecting anytime soon now his Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Well he has began to post and tweet his thoughts on the Desire already, you can follow them on his Xperia section […]


My work life has been very hectic of late and posts have been few and far between. I’m currently in the process of evaluating my working methods and trying integrate my extracurricular activities in a more streamlined way. There are plenty of posts in me, its just making the time to publish them in a […]

One of my complaints about the Android operating system is that none of the tethering options are simple. For the standard USB connect method your laptop or computer has to have the HTC Sync installed which until recently didn’t support Windows 7 and then you have to drill down into the phones settings and enable […]


Those who follow me on Twitter will already know that I plan to follow in the footsteps of Kevin C. Tofel from jkontherun and replace my Windows Server 2003 file server at home with Windows Home Server. I will go a little more in depth into the installation and my impressions in the coming week […]

Yesterday I updated my version of the Chrome Beta to and since  then my blog displays the mobile friendly version. I will look into it this weekend but I fear the end result maybe disabling the mobile friendly version until I can resolve it permanently. Sorry for any inconvenience but please bear with me […]