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Just over a week ago I sent the HTC Desire off to Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine and in return he sent me his Xperia X10. I’ve lived with the X10 as my main phone for the last week and wanted to post a mini review and small comparison with the HTC Desire. Hardware The first thing […]


As part of the bloggers sharing initiative, me and Chippy have swapped smartphones for a week. He has my HTC Desire and I have his Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. The device arrived yesterday and although I didn’t have much time to properly test the device I got it configured into a usable manner. My first […]


I posted my HTC Desire review a couple of days ago and I wrote it in a positive manner because I have been very impressed with the device. Now though I wanted to follow it up with a few of the not so good points. Don’t get me wrong, none of the items below are […]

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I was only nine months into my eighteen month T-Mobile contract which subsidised my HTC Hero but the new generation Android smartphones were too much to wait for. The HTC Desire is one of the top five smartphones in the world today, devices I’m calling super phones. The addition of Android 2.1 meant it was […]


Everyday I learn more and more about my HTC Desire which has quickly become my favorite smartphone. I’ve been very impressed with the camera quality which has surprised me somewhat. Look at the statistics, the Desire uses the same 5 megapixels camera that my previous device, the HTC Hero had, but that is where the […]


I’ve had my HTC Desire for just under three weeks now and so far have been very happy with the device, I will post my review in the coming weeks along with some sample videos and images. My only real issue with the device was its inability to see the applications which I had purchased […]

One of my complaints about the Android operating system is that none of the tethering options are simple. For the standard USB connect method your laptop or computer has to have the HTC Sync installed which until recently didn’t support Windows 7 and then you have to drill down into the phones settings and enable […]

I’ve had quite sometime with my new HTC Hero and as part of being a new user to the Google Android environment I have spent a fair amount of time finding applications to help with daily tasks. This has been made much easier with the 100,000+ apps in the Android Market. So here are some […]

As a user of Windows Mobile for almost nine years the thought of moving to a completely different environment is quite daunting. Windows Mobile is by no means perfect but the wide variety of applications and perfect Exchange integration have kept me as a user. With the second and third generation Android devices, Active Sync […]