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Over at the Mobile World Congress (MWC08) Nvidia made a pretty big announcement that its going to have a fairly big impact on Windows Mobile and the smartphone platform as a whole. They have developed their first mobile applications processor, the APX 2500 which is based around on ARM11 core and able to run at […]

I have been watching the press closely when it comes to the Shift. I have considered the dual operating system device as my next laptop or tablet PC in conjunction with a desktop computer I use at work, on this basis I want to get to know the Shift as best possible. If like me you are interested […]

Apologies for the late manner of this post but I have been busy over the bank holiday period. I read James Kendricks post on the performance issues with Vista a few days ago and it got me thinking about a few things. I have never really suffered any real issues with Vista and I think […]

I’ve been keeping tabs on the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) space for sometime especially with the second generation units soon becoming available. Hugo Ortega over at has been busy reviewing a first product to the UPMC market for HTC Shift and the Fujitsu U1010. Both brilliant in-depth reviews so pop over there and check […]

I’ve been following the iphone reviews and progress quite closely of late. Not as a potential buyer but as a technology enthusiast. One thing I’m keen to try with the iphone is its slick new interface, mainly because I think the way we work with all our devices and gadgets has room for a fair […]