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As you can see things are a little different round here. The old theme was dated and I fancied an overhaul with something a little more creative. After much deliberation, tweaking, changing, adjusting and testing I think I’m happy with the overall look and feel. I’m pretty sure it will deliver a ‘marmite’ style reaction […]


It’s been far too long since I last posted and that is something I wish to change drastically over the coming months. I’m a full time business support consultant for a small firm in the Midlands, UK. My job role entails a wide range of information technology (I.T) roles, from architect of new networks all […]

I know its been a while since I posted but have been really busy with work and family. I have plenty of upcoming posts which are almost ready to roll but first needed a few changes to the site. Once those changes have been completed then I will get my HTC Hero review online for […]

Like most other geeks, I love anything to do with space, especially when its technology and space! Here is a fantastic video showing how Hubbles Ultra Deep Field works and some of the resulting images from this technology. If like me your a star gazer, then its well worth a watch;


Are we socialising yet? Using my new vanity URL you can add me on facebook – Did you manage to get the one you wanted?


Here is an interesting concept; a site called Blind Search created by Microsoft employee Michael Kordahi as a free time exercise removes all the branding from three of the most popular search engines. Google, Yahoo and the much talked about Bing are used to generate search results which are displayed in three columns, from those results […]

Yesterday I updated my version of the Chrome Beta to and since  then my blog displays the mobile friendly version. I will look into it this weekend but I fear the end result maybe disabling the mobile friendly version until I can resolve it permanently. Sorry for any inconvenience but please bear with me […]

Test post from Cellspin on my Touch Diamond.